Let's build a world-class developer tool together.

We are a small but mighty team of builders, passionate about empowering AI engineers to build ambitious applications. Join us as we shape the future of AI development!

About Maxim

At Maxim, we are building an enterprise-grade AI evaluation and observability platform to empower developers to ship their applications with quality, reliability, and speed.

Our values

We are on an ambitious mission to accelerate the future of software development.
High agency
We operate with high agency. Things are sometimes ambiguous, and we proactively take initiative without being told what to do.
We embrace radical candour as a cornerstone of our communication. Open dialogue keeps our team inspired and informed.
Move fast
We operate with urgency. We're here to set the pace and outpace, delivering outstanding products to AI teams worldwide.
We aim high. We are committed to inspiring each other, constantly pushing beyond limits with our quest for excellence.
We are always learning. Innate curiosity about our users, market, and industry - drives us to innovate in this very early space.
Customer trust is our top success metric. We go the extra mile, always, to earn and keep the trust of our customers.