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Let's build
a world-class developer tool together.
Maxim is an early-stage start-up backed by marquee investors. We are a small but mighty team of builders, passionate about enabling AI development teams globally to build world-class AI applications. We are at the advent of a new AI development paradigm - join us as we establish the 'Maxim Way' as the standard in the emerging AI world!
About Maxim
At Maxim, we are building an end-to-end evaluation stack to help development teams evaluate AI applications and iteratively improve them. Our platform streamlines the entire lifecycle of AI applications, right from prompt engineering (experimentation, versioning, deployment) to pre-release testing for quality and functionality, test-set creation and management, and post-release monitoring. Our goal is to help development teams collaborate seamlessly to ship high quality AI products, faster.
How we work
Operating principles
High agency.
Everyone on the team operates with high agency. Things are sometimes ambiguous, and we proactively take initiative without being told what to do.
We go the extra mile, always, to earn and keep the trust of our customers.
Move fast.
We operate with urgency so we can set the cadence for this nascent space and ship more great products for development teams around the world, faster.
We expect everyone on the team to have a high bar for performance and constantly inspire others with their quest for excellence.
We are constantly learning and innovating. We value innate curiosity - about our users, our market, our broader AI space.
We embrace radical candor as a cornerstone of our communication. We also prefer over-communicating, given the stage of the company and pace of our development.
Office culture
Maxim is an in-person company, and currently requires its employees to come to the office. Having an in-office culture enables us to capitalize on the energy, ideas, and creativity that come from us being in the same place.
At Maxim, we provide competitive compensation - great salary, robust equity grants, and other perks including health benefits and AI stipend. Beyond compensation, we constantly strive to build an empowering workplace with high-degree of autonomy, take-charge ownership, and dynamic opportunities for growth, all as Maxim continues to soar!
Open Positions
Write to us at if you don’t see a role that fits.