Evaluate and improve AI, faster

Maxim is an enterprise-grade stack for building AI applications, empowering modern AI teams to ship products with quality, reliability, and speed

Bring the best practices of traditional software development into your non-deterministic AI workflows


Playground++ for all your prompt engineering needs. Rapidly and systematically iterate with your team.

Prompt CMS. Organise and version prompts outside of the codebase
Prompt IDE. Test, iterate, and deploy prompts without code changes
Data and tools. Connect with your data, RAG pipelines, and prompt tools
Visual flows. Chain prompts and other components together to build and test workflows

Unified framework for machine and human evaluation. Quantify improvements or regressions and deploy with confidence.

Evaluators. Measure quantitatively using AI, Programmatic, and Statistical evaluators
Dashboards. Visualise evaluation runs on large test suites across multiple versions
Automations. Integrate seamlessly with your CI/CD workflows
Last-mile. Simplify and scale human evaluation pipelines

Observability and optimisation suite. Monitor real-time usage and optimise your AI systems with speed.

Logs. Log and analyse production data for 360° visibility
Debugging. Track and debug live issues and resolve quickly
Online evaluations. Measure in-production quality using automated evaluations
Alerts. Improve quality and safety guarantees using real-time alerts

Data management for AI teams. Seamlessly curate datasets for your team’s evaluation and fine-tuning needs.

Flexible datasets. Seamlessly import your datasets with a few clicks
Multi-modal. Build multi-modal AI using multi-modal datasets
Annotations. Enrich data using in-house or Maxim-managed data labelling and feedback
Pipelines. Continuously evolve your datasets from sources including production data

AI development, simplified

Lightning fast set-up
Get started in <5 mins without any SDK integration
Comprehensive testing
From automated first mile to human-powered last mile
Complete customization
Integrates seamlessly with your datasets and workflows
Framework agnostic
With SDKs, CLI and webhook support, use Maxim anywhere
Full spectrum
Supports leading providers across the AI stack
Enterprise ready

Built for the Enterprise

Maxim is designed for companies with a security mindset.
In-VPC deployment
Securely deploy within your private cloud
Custom SSO
Integrate personalised single sign-on
Ensure advanced data security compliance
Role-based access controls
Implement precise user permissions
Collaborate with your team in real-time
Priority support 24*7
Receive top-tier assistance any time,
day or night