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Applied LLM Engineer

🆔 About Maxim

At Maxim, we are building an end-to-end evaluation stack to help development teams evaluate AI applications and iteratively improve them. Our platform streamlines the entire lifecycle of AI applications, right from prompt engineering (experimentation, versioning, deployment) to pre-release testing for quality and functionality, test-set creation and management, and post-release monitoring. Our goal is to help development teams collaborate seamlessly to ship high quality AI products, faster.

🚀 About the role

The Applied LLM engineer role at Maxim is a high-impact, self-directed role and covers a broad scope of work across RAG, fine-tuning LLMs, synthetic data generation and more. This role involves keeping up-to-date with the latest advancements in LLM technologies and research, and utilizing these advancements to enable AI developers in crafting more magical experiences.

🥷 Responsibilities

The responsibilities in this role include but are not limited to:

  • Read research papers, stay updated about the latest developments, and communicate relevant insights
  • Be the central resource in LLM usage and best practices for teams across the company
  • Prototype new features leveraging LLMs
  • Collaborate with software engineering, product, and design teams to take your research from prototype to production
  • Focus on effective written and verbal communication, both internal and external

🧰 Tech Stack

  1. Python + Rust

✅ About you

  • A strong background in computer science, particularly in machine learning and natural language processing, and an understanding of AI ethics and responsible AI practices
  • You have a deep, demonstrable passion for the emerging world of LLMs
  • You thrive in ambiguity and love ambitious problem statements
  • You have excellent communication skills and are proficient at simplifying complex technical concepts for diverse audience
  • You enjoy interacting with internal/external teams to learn and share more about the emerging AI space

🏆 Nice to Haves

  • You have previous experience working with LLM research or commercial projects
  • You have previously worked on hard technical problems
  • You contribute frequently to open-source projects

🎁 Benefits

At Maxim, we provide competitive compensation - great salary, robust equity grants, and other perks including health benefits and AI stipend. Beyond compensation, we constantly strive to build an empowering workplace with high-degree of autonomy, take-charge ownership, and dynamic opportunities for growth, all as Maxim continues to soar!


At Maxim, we believe in the power of close collaboration and swift communication. To maintain our dynamic and agile work environment, we currently do not offer remote positions. Our engineering headquarters is based in Pune and Bangalore, India, and we are dedicated to providing all the necessary assistance to facilitate your relocation.