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Founding Full-stack Engineer

🆔 About Maxim

At Maxim, we are building an end-to-end evaluation stack to help development teams evaluate AI applications and iteratively improve them. Our platform streamlines the entire lifecycle of AI applications, right from prompt engineering (experimentation, versioning, deployment) to pre-release testing for quality and functionality, test-set creation and management, and post-release monitoring. Our goal is to help development teams collaborate seamlessly to ship high quality AI products, faster.

🚀 About the role

🥷 Responsibilities

  1. End-to-End Feature Development:
    • Take ownership of feature development from conception to implementation.
    • Act as a generalist, contributing to database changes/migrations, backend and frontend development, and collaborating closely with the design team to ensure a seamless user experience.
  2. Mentorship and Collaboration:
    • Assist and mentor Software Interns as needed.
    • Foster a collaborative environment where knowledge sharing is integral to the team's success.
    • Embrace a collective responsibility for the growth and development of team members.
  3. Agile Development in the AI Landscape:
    • Adapt to the rapidly evolving AI landscape by delivering solutions with high velocity.
    • Work towards minimizing error rates through effective testing and continuous improvement processes.
    • Stay informed about industry trends and best practices, applying them to enhance our development processes.
  4. Flat Hierarchy and Collaborative Mindset:
    • Embrace a flat organizational structure, where roles and titles are secondary to collaborative problem-solving.
    • Contribute ideas and expertise across various aspects of the development lifecycle, fostering a culture of shared responsibility.

🧰 Tech Stack

  1. NextJS + Typescript
  2. MySQL + Prisma
  3. Go
  4. Python

✅ About you

  • You are a generalist: You are comfortable working across the stack, from the frontend to the backend, and are willing to learn new technologies as needed.
  • You are proficient with ReactJS and Typescript.
  • You have worked with NextJS before.
  • You have experience designing 0-1 B2B products, and are comfortable working in ambiguity.

🏆 Nice to Haves

  • You have worked at a startup or founded one.
  • You have worked on LLM based products before.
  • You have managed/mentored a team of engineers before.
  • You have experience with Go and Python.

🎁 Benefits

At Maxim, we provide competitive compensation - great salary, robust equity grants, and other perks including health benefits and AI stipend. Beyond compensation, we constantly strive to build an empowering workplace with high-degree of autonomy, take-charge ownership, and dynamic opportunities for growth, all as Maxim continues to soar!


At Maxim, we believe in the power of close collaboration and swift communication. To maintain our dynamic and agile work environment, we currently do not offer remote positions. Our engineering headquarters is based in Pune and Bangalore, India, and we are dedicated to providing all the necessary assistance to facilitate your relocation.